Exhibition Building a Country House

About Exhibition

More than 100 companies will present their projects of houses, construction technologies and construction materials, engineering solutions, foundations and roofing at the exhibition "Building a Country House" in Expoforum on March 18-20.
You will be able to compare offers from different companies in comfortable conditions, receive qualified expert advice, find out what technologies of country house building exist now in the market and what exactly suits your life situation, check prices for variants and without any fuss build your dream house within the planned budget.
120 exhibitors present at the exhibition:
  • Home Design
  • Building and finishing materials
  • Roofing and foundations
  • Heating, Water Supply and Sewage
  • Fireplaces, stoves, hearths
  • Landscape design and landscaping
  • Fences and guards

Results of Autumn Show 2021

12 653 visitors came to the exhibition this fall to find their optimal technology, to understand the cost of building materials, to get professional advice from experts.

12 653 visitors
Partners of the exhibition were Advex. Real Estate, Yandex Real Estate, Beaton. The exhibition has confirmed that St. Petersburg citizens still choose the countryside as an alternative to the urban apartments. Despite the multiple growth of the cost of building materials, the boom at the suburban market continues.

20 + seminars

40+ speakers

An intensive seminar program

Participation in seminars is an opportunity to attract the attention of the "warmest" audience, justify the cost and convey to the buyer the obvious benefits of your offer

Friday is a specialist's day

On Friday, most of our visitors are market professionals. They come to see their colleagues, meet old partners and find new ones. The business program on this day is addressed to professionals.

Ready-made cottages, houses
7 570 people
Services of country house construction
9 448 people
Construction materials, engineering equipment
6 218 people
67% of visitors plan to build a house for permanent residence
27% for seasonal residence
32% plan to start building a house within 2 months

Solvent audience of visitors: from 6.7 million rubles - the average purchase budget

Number of visitors interested in products and services

Engineering: heating, water supply and sewage
5650 visitors
Home kits
5456 visitors
Building materials
5153 visitors
4586 visitors
Design and building services
4421 visitors
4385 visitors
4346 visitors

Take part in the exhibition to:

  • Find new clients from a large number of visitors
  • Increase the number of orders and references
  • Develop a base of contacts, who will become your customers
  • Inform your customers about the benefits of your technology
  • Increase recognition of your company and brand
  • Introduce a new product or service to the market
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